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"Serving Those Who Serve"

Ground was broken, foundations started, building supplies delivered, and 11 homes out of 44 are underway, for a “tiny home” community in Dover, NH. John and Maggie Randolph, owners of GSD Construction had a vision and made that vision a reality.

“We want to serve those who serve us,” said John, in a recent conversation at a site visit with GSD Construction and Ricci Lumber. The idea is to help those who serve the community with affordable rentals. From firefighters, police officers, nurses to teachers, the people who deserve to have a community, a neighborhood, these are the people who will be residing in these tiny homes. For many, finding affordable housing is difficult right now. “We want everyone to feel equal and comfortable living in this neighborhood. We want to help create a community,” said Maggie.

Ricci Lumber, in Portsmouth NH, has been supplying building materials to GSD for many years. Outside Sales Rep, Jon Cherry is working closely with John and Maggie making sure all supplies are ordered and delivered for each individual home. Ricci Lumber is inspired by GSD’s vision and look forward to working with them on future projects so they can continue to house the ones who serve.

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