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"Kodiak Building Partners Celebrates 2023 Class of Emerging Leaders"

Our very own Ricci Employee, Anthony had the pleasure of attending the Kodiak Building Partners Emerging Leaders Program with Kodiak Building Partners. Over the past year Anthony has attended multiple leadership conferences and put in hours of work attending virtual trainings 1-2 times a week. After presenting a final project to the Board at Kodiak out in CO, he graduated from the program! We as a team could not be prouder of him, witnessing the leader he has become. We are excited to see him grow at Ricci Lumber.

Directly quoted from Kodiak Building Partners Website (see link)

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO, April 24, 2023 – Kodiak Building Partners announced its 2023 Class of Emerging Leaders has graduated from the program after attending the final conference and graduation last week in Denver, CO. The Kodiak 2023 Emerging Leaders include participants who were nominated and selected by various leaders throughout the Kodiak organization to participate in the program because of their ongoing dedication to their company and leadership potential talents.

“We are proud to encourage and recognize the most talented young individuals in the building materials distribution community,” says Kodiak Chief Executive Officer Steve Swinney. “These rising professionals have made notable contributions to their companies, their teams, and the overall lumber and building materials distribution profession.”

Over a 14-month period, participants of the Emerging Leaders program engaged in a series of activities that included periodic intensive seminars focusing on self-awareness and self-management; mutual influence; and gaining tools to better influence their operations, company, and team. Participants committed to two in-person conferences as well as individual reflection work ending in a final capstone project and presentation detailing an initiative that they selected to better their processes and operations in their day-to-day jobs for their company.

“The Kodiak Emerging Leaders program is a unique experience for our younger generation of leaders throughout our organization,” said Kodiak Chief Operating Officer Mark Garboski. “It’s a great way for employees to network across the country with fellow operating companies while strengthening their understanding of Kodiak’s locally led culture. Our emerging leaders are in the process of taking everything they’ve learned and applying it to their day-to-day responsibilities at their respective companies. It is incredible seeing how far they have come and the endless opportunities they have been exposed to through this experience.”

Program participants from across the country gained the tools and perspective needed to strengthen their leadership skills and develop relationships with an extraordinary cohort of peers dedicated to advancing the building materials distribution field and the Kodiak Building Partners organization.

Crystal Lamb, HR Director at Kodiak who leads the Emerging Leaders program, said, “We’re thrilled to congratulate the inaugural Emerging Leaders graduates and partner with this talented and diverse group of rising leaders. Our aim is twofold: to inform and support Kodiak’s next generation of leaders, and to expand the perspectives that shape Kodiak’s ongoing operations and growth across the country. We hope the knowledge, connections, and skills gained through this program will help participants make a deeper impact on Kodiak and our operating companies for years to come.”

Participants for the Kodiak 2024 Class of Emerging Leaders will be selected later this year by Kodiak executive leadership and operating company leadership based on a nomination process."

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