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Meet Meaghan and Austin, co-owners of a seacoast-based design-build company called Cedar + Salt!

What started as a flipping business in 2018 by Meaghan Clark, turned into a rising and successful contracting business now called Cedar + Salt with co-owner (and life partner) Austin Hall.

While in college, Meaghan dove into the trade of flipping houses. Although receiving a masters in agriculture, she felt called to the construction industry. She worked on flipping in between classes, on weekends, sometimes putting in 12-hour days. She taught herself how to manage, find subs, design, and find deals. She ended up developing a business called “Home Sweet Home.”

During her time growing Home Sweet Home, she met Austin who also felt called to the industry. While working a 9-5 job in finance, Austin would meet Meaghan after work and on weekends and do what he could to help. Austin finally decided to fully leave his finance job to purse building full time.

From Home Sweet Home, Meaghan and Austin fully transitioned into their current design-build business. Cedar + Salt naturally grew from referrals and generating interest via social media. Their first job was a home bathroom renovation, and it grew from there. The team is now doing full scale remodels and additions. Cedar + Salt offers a full design-build experience through the combination of in-house labor, the help of their carpenter’s assistant, and their trusted team of subcontractors.

Meaghan and Austin also have dreams and plans for the future of the company. They want to dive into new construction and long-term rental properties. They want clients and guests to fully enjoy what they design and build while creating a unique experience.

Ricci Lumber is thankful to be able to supply all building needs for Cedar + Salt. We look forward to working with them as their business grows.

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