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Contractor Spotlight

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Featuring Robinson & Son Building Contractors

“I try to stay ten steps head of my crew and my dad stays ten steps ahead of me,” said Garrett Robinson of Robinson & Son Building Contractors out of Kittery, ME. A construction business run by father and son, Bill and Garrett Robinson, have been in business together since 2008. Bill is a veteran to the industry having been in the business for 45 years and started Robinson & Son Building Contractors in 1978.

Bill started on his own with one guy on his crew. He built his first house with in the first year of owing his own business. In 1986 Bill bought land and did his first spec house, selling it quickly. From there he did custom work only. Bill’s success has been climbing every year since and with bringing Garrett on, that only increased.

Garrett jumped right into the business with his dad after serving in the Army. Garrett has always spent time in the shop, hammering nails, building tree houses, and learning the trade. Although he was always playing sports as a kid and got good grades, he’d take his school vacations to work with his dad or take days off from school to work. Garrett learned this industry by learning from his dad and his team of experienced carpenters. He learned by hand and developed a passion for finish work and all the planning that goes along with it.

Taking a leadership role in Robinson & Son Building Contractors, Garrett has really stepped into his own in the industry. He can fully see the scope of restores as well as new builds. He can implement a system with his team to accomplish the job from his vision and knowledge. Garrett has been able to change the crew dynamic with his leadership skills gained from being an Army Ranger. With a crew of 5 guys and weekly team meetings, Garret will set expectations and goals. “He understands people,” said Bill. “He is all about teamwork.” With this process, Garrett’s team can accomplish jobs working together while always communicating. This is a huge reason why they have so much success with their crew. They are not just employees, they are family. Each member of the team brings their own expertise with attention to detail. Their biggest saying for the team is, “Frame for your finish.” As a team, they make sure everything is intact so doing the finish work is that much easier.

The father and son team continuously use each other as references and can put their brains together to overcome obstacles. They both see the vision of the build before it is built and work together to accomplish the job. Garrett and Bill see their relationship as not just father and son but as best friends. Bill is an unparalleled resource for Garrett and is always able use his expertise when a question may arise. Garrett currently runs the jobs on site for the business. Bill looks at proposals, does the estimating and develops the material list.

The team currently works on restoration jobs, renovation jobs and new builds around the Seacoast. Ricci Lumber is very thankful to this dynamic duo for their loyalty and trust to supply materials for their jobs.

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