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Celebrating Over 60 Years!


Back in 1957 on a brisk November 1st morning, Ricci Supply Co. Inc. opened its doors for the first time for business at 7:30am. At an old office desk  just inside the building sat our founder Erminio Ricci wondering how this experiment was going to work. His reason for opening this masonry supply store with some lumber products was that he couldn’t buy everything he needed for his construction business at one location. Knowing there was a need for a one stop supply center, he took one of his existing properties in the center of Portsmouth and converted it into this retail operation. Not long after opening, it became quickly evident to him that he needed to expand his product offerings, adding more building materials and hardware. The business grew and he brought in more experienced people, many family members, to run the business for him.

From 1960 on, the company has grown continuously with the leadership of the Hayes family. Don Hayes, Mr. Ricci’s son-in law, began working in the operation the summer of 1960. Approximately 40 years later, the reins were taken over by the third generation Ed Hayes who continues to improve his grandfather’s concept.


Over these past 60 years, there have been many events, stories, employees and changes in our company.  For the next year we will be highlighting as many of these as we can  to give you some of the flavor of our colorful history.  Each month in this report, we will work through the years, reminiscing about how the times were, how things have changed, the people we have meet and about our future.  Its going to be a fun journey for all of us.          

One final note, our history would be nothing without the support of our customers and the local community.  Our employees and ownership appreciate your patronage and suggestions over these past 60 years that have continued to help us become a better supplier. 

Thank you for being a part of our family.

Ricci Lumber
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